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Who are we?

At Galactic Sabers UK, we take the quality of our sabers seriously. Each saber is expertly hand-crafted, whether it’s our full metal hilt, premium electronics, or our heavy dueling blade, you are guaranteed to receive the lightsaber you have always wanted! We are proud of our high standards and this is reflected in our excellent Trustpilot score!. Check out our vast range of our duel ready RGB and Pixel sabers. We offer true authentic lightsabers and custom designed options. We also have 1-2 day delivery options with dispatch direct from our workshop in the UK. We have also just recently hit 10,000 followers on our Twitter page!! The largest lightsaber community on Twitter!




Premium Metal Hilts

Each and everyone of our hilts are handmade by master craftsmen. Whether it's CNC machining, or sculpting using a hand operated lathe machine. You will not find better quality hadmade hilts in the galaxy!

Custom Lightsabers USA

Heavy Dueling Blade

Our blades are the toughest in the galaxy! They are designed speifically for heavy dueling so you'll have no worries whilst battling with your fellow jedi.

Custom Lightsaber Australia

Premium Soundboard

Our Premium soundboard offers the amazing ability to uploads your own sound fonts to your lightsaber! You can download free fronts from the internet and easily uploads them with the provided SD card

Lightsabers UK

RGB & Pixel LED

Galactic Sabers only use the best components and the 12w LED is no exception. We also supply a mega 55w LED light strip for our Pixel blades

Lightsabers USA

Durable Chassis

Every lightsaber comes with a premium quality X-Wars chassis. Made for optimum security and durability so you can rest assured all your electronic components are safe

Lightsabers Germany

Quality Sound

All our sabers are equipped with a 2-3 w base speaker. This creates an amazing lightsaber humming noise with accurate base. You have the ability to turn up the volume to your liking.

Custom lightsaber Canada

Custom Lightsaber UK, France, Germany and USA

We still sell lightsabers in the UK, Ireland, the European Union, Canada, USA,

Custom Lightsabers UK

Custom Lightsabers France

Galactic Sabers offers a wide range of lightsabers for everyone's taste, including budget friendly options and true authentic lightsabers. Head on over to our shop to order your dream lightsaber today.