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We are now back to normal operation.  All orders are free delivery to the UK, EU, and Worldwide!. We still sell lightsabers in the UK, Ireland, the European Union, Canada, USA, Australia, Japan, and many more. We also ship within 5-15 days! The fastest custom lightsaber service in the world!

Custom Lightsabers UK and Germany

Custom Lightsabers

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Who we are and what do we do?

Welcome to Galactic Sabers UK. We have been selling lightsabers in the UK and worldwide for a little while now and not to blow our intergalactic imperial whistle, but our lightsabers are the best in the galaxy. We offer a wide range of high-quality sabers that will fit anyone's galactic credit. You can choose to have a blade with a set colour for that extra luminosity, or our unique neopixel blade that offers a truly breathtaking set of colours and depth.

All sabers are made to a high-quality standard. Each hilt is handcrafted out of metal which really adds authenticity and beauty to the whole saber. Every Saber comes with a set amount of noise fonts and the option to mute the saber if the sound isn't required.

With Galactic sabers, you know you are getting the saber you've longed for all these years!

We now accept Laybuy. Buy now and pay over 6 weeks.

We make the best Lightsabers in the UK

No need to spend all your Galactic Credit

Lightsabers do not need to cost the same as a space ship, so we make sure our prices are reasonable and affordable

We're still old enough for lego

Not only do we offer lightsaber, but we also offer star wars, lego models. Check out our collection on the "Lego model" page.

Why travel to the end of the Universe?

Galactic Sabers has the highest quality lightsabers here in the UK and Worldwide

We all like prizes

Do you want to be in with a chance of winning a top of the range lightsaber? use code 10OFF for 10% off your purchase and you will automatically be entered into the prize draw.


Made to perfection


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Best in the galaxy


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Sabers like no other


Worldwide Shipping

Highest quality

Pay with paypal

Halloween Special 15% discount. Use code Saberween at checkout. Sale ends in 4 days!


Lightsabers UK

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