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FX V1 Saber- RGB - Smooth swing

Channel your inner fan with this stunning lightsaber replica that takes you right into the heart of the magic. No matter whether you’re Cosplaying as Luke or unleashing your inner...


Kylo Saber - RGB - Smooth Swing

Check out the video here Solo’s son who turned to the dark side is perhaps best known for his iconic and unusual cross guard saber which he based on...


Maul Saber- RGB - Smooth swing

*Note* If you prefer to have 1 hilt instead of the double hilt you can choose this via the options below. This allows you to purchase a 2nd hilt at...

Crystal of llum - RGB - Smooth swing

The mysterious crystals are part of every saber, but most are hidden.Our newest saber changes that with an amzing view of the crystal which glows to the colour that you...

Revan Saber- Smoothswing

Revan, after turning to the dark side and becoming a Sith Lord, he took on the name Revan and formed an Empire to conquer the galaxy, contending with the Republic....


Kenobi Fx saber- RGB - Smooth Swing

Check out our kenobi saber video Obi-Wan Kenobi may have been Leia’s only hope, but with this singularly impressive replica saber, you too can channel the legacy of this legendary...


Luke V2 - Smooth Swing

There is arguably no more iconic Star Wars character than Luke Skywalker, and with this spectacular lightsaber replica you can become the world-famous Jedi yourself. This truly stunning custom made...


Vader Lightsaber - Smooth Swing

Even those who aren’t diehard fans of the Star Wars saga can identify the iconic character of Darth Vader, and with this authentic replica of his famous red lightsaber in...
£349.99 £299.99
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Dual Tone saber- RGB - Smooth Swing

This beautifully crafted saber comes in color black. You also have the option of either a Standard RGB Blade or the superior pixel blade.You also get to choose from 12...
£289.99 £169.99
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Ahsoka Dual sabers - RGB - Limited Edition 1 left

 Pre order will be shipping no later than 5th November After many requests to sell the iconic Ahsoka sabers, we are now ready to offer it as a limited edition...


Rey Graflex lightsaber - Smooth swing

This has to be our best lightsaber yet, and one that we are most proud of. We have strived to make this a perfect replica to the real Graflex lightsaberand...
£349.99 £299.99
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