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Frequently asked questions

Can I order more than 1 Saber?

Yes, you can order as many as you like

Does every Saber come with sound

Yes, unlike most saber sellers we supply sound, but also the ability to mute your saber!

Do all sabers come with Blades?

Absolutely!! Please check the listing of each saber as some come with 80cm blades and others 92cm.

Does every saber come with a Charger

Yes, every saber comes with a USB charger

Do you really ship worldwide

Mostly, yes. You can check as to whether we ship to your country on the item's page.

Can i choose what colour i want my blade to be?

Most of our sabers have the choice of RBG, or choosing your own colour. Please see the products page to see if the saber you are interested in has your prefered blade colour


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