Frequently asked questions

Can I order more than 1 Saber?

Yes, you can order as many as you like

Does every Saber come with sound

Yes, unlike most saber sellers we supply sound, but also the ability to mute your saber! Every saber comes with 6 sounds by default, and up to 9 soundfonts for our neopixel range.

Do all sabers come with Blades?

Absolutely!! Please check the listing of each saber as some come with 80cm blades and others 92cm. We also offer the ability to upgrae your lightsaber to allow a neopixel blade! which are superior to that of the RGB blades.

Does every saber come with a Charger

Yes, every saber comes with a USB charger

Do you really ship worldwide

Mostly, yes. You can check as to whether we ship to your country on the item's page.

Can i choose what colour i want my blade to be?

Most of our sabers have the choice of RBG, or choosing your own colour. Please see the products page to see if the saber you are interested in has your prefered blade colour

Do you provide warranty?

Yes, of course! imited Warranty covers defects in workmanship for the Product for a period of 1 year from the original date of Receipt from Galactic Sabers UK. This limited Warranty does not cover any damage due to (1) acts of God, accident, misuse, abuse, negligence, improper handling, commercial use or modifications of this Product, or normal wear and tear; (2) improper operation or maintenance of this Product; or (3) attempted repair by any party other than Galactic Sabers UK. This includes opening Combat Class Sabers in a manner in which they are not designed to be opened.

*This Limited Warranty does not apply where it is determined by Galactic Sabers UK that there is no fault with the Product itself. Repairs not covered by the Limited Warranty may, at Galacitc Sabers discretion, be carried out at the owner’s expense. You, the customer, are responsible for the cost of returning the Product to and return shipping from Galactic Sabers UK We are not responsible for Soundcard failures, blown speakers, or over driven LEDS or any other operator errors.
*If you attempt to repair it yourself, the warranty is VOID. We will repair, but it will be at the buyer’s expense. Blades at this time are not warrantied against damage resulting from combat. Neopixel blades will be warrantied against defects in workmanship or normal use, i.e. connector pins wearing out etc. for 90 Days from shipping date from Galactic Sabers UK. Warranty is non transferable

Shipping and customs

First of all. Let me explain why customs charges may be payable.All our lightsabers are designed to our specifications. We choose what goes into our sabers, and how they are made. Due to the immense size of production, extremely high quality of our sabers, and the custom electronics we have produced especially for our saber, it simply isn't possible to have a workshop of such size in the UK, especially with the current climate. As such, all our sabers are made from outside the EU. However, we may stock our sabers in the UK from time to time so please check with us before ordering. Over the course of 8 months, we searched for the perfect manufacturer, whose quality is well regarded and exceptional. They use some of the most advanced CNC machinings to create the exact design we request. The saber is then hand lathed by expert craftsmen whose exceptional work can be seen from our saber catalog. This is why customs fees are payable on all orders, and this is also why we offer free DHL express delivery all over the world! which costs are around the same value of custom chargers on average. We like to be as transparent as possible, especially as we use such a well regarded and high tech manufacturer.We are passionate about our lightsabers, and we want to make sure that the same passion is showed in the production!​Now to the boring bit.We can ship to virtually any address in the world. Note that there are restrictions on some products, and some products cannot be shipped to international destinations. PLEASE NOTE that international buyers are responsible for all customs charges and fees charged by their home country. Galactic Sabers UK is not responsible for these charges and has no way of calculating or estimating these charges for customers. This includes the busy time of the year when we outsource our electronics and ship them with your lightsaber to the country of your origin. Customs charges will be payable by the customer. However, if we do have stock available in the UK, we will ship to the UK and EU without any customs chargers so please do check with us beforehand.In the event that customs has not been paid, or the courier has tried to deliver on 3 separate occasions without success, the item is returned to us at the customer's expense. We will either charge the shipping fee or a cancelation fee which is at the discretion of Galactic Sabers UKAs we have no way of calculating the customs fee, we can offer an average as per custom feedback. Currently, the average fee is £4.75 - £18 However, this is purely an average and should not be taken as a promised price!

How long will it take to get my lightsaber?

All lightsabers take on average of 1-2 weeks to complete, and a furher 3-7 days for delivery.

However, we can accomodate priority orders which can be discussed prior to purchasing.

Do you accept returns and cancellations

Refunds and Cancellation Policy

We do not offer Refunds, Cancellations, or Returns on our custom made lightsabers as they are handcrafted to order and made specifically for each customer. This also applies to any deadlines, issues with construction times, or Buyer's Remorse. We are not responsible for events, or their time frames though we do try our best to accommodate customers. Should there be an issue with the product's function and it is covered under our warranty, we will be glad to service or replace the product at our discretion. In the event that we accidentally ship you the wrong item, of course, we will take care of getting you the item you ordered and take care of all shipping charges incurred in making it right.
Cancellations are completely at the discretion of Galactic Sabers. If production hasn't started, or shipping hasn't been booked, we may accept cancellation but this will come with a 10% cancellation fee which will be subject to the order amount.

What is a Proffie Soundboard?

Proffie Soundboards are an excellent edition to your lightsaber. They allow you to download and upload soundfront fromthe internet, to your proffie board. This allows you to customise tyour lightsabersound to your liking. This really is a cool piece of kit!

You also have the ability to add some cool lighting effects for your neopixel blade.!

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