Frequently asked Questions

My lightsaber wont turn on?

This issue is certianly uncommon, but 9/10 is purely down to the battery being dislodged from the + and - terminals. You can simply re-seat the battery and all should be fine. In the even that it is not, please try this video: 

If that does not work, please try this video here:


Crackly or no sound?

Please charge for 8 hours.

Read the instruction manual ( which can be downloaded on the "Instruction manual" tab ) and following the instructions for un-muting the saber.

If this does not work please follow the answer to the question above " My lightsaber wont turn on"


Lightsaber keeps saying "charging"

Please charge the battery for 8 hours, then re-install the battery


Lightsaber is stuck and wont turn off

Charge for 8 hours and re-install battery


SD card not found

Please remove SD card and re-insert it.


Proffie Neopixel Lightsaber is making a piercing noise Please click the 2 small buttons on the proffie board. This will reset the soundboard.

My blade is white with no color

This is completely normal, especially with Noepixel blades.

Please download the correct instructional PDF manual from our page which can be located on the navigation page. The color can then be changed as per instructions