What is Neopixel and why is it better?

So, you are looking at purchasing one of our lightsabers, but aren't sure which blade to choose from. Well, don't worry as we can explain the difference between the RGB and Neopixel in a simple and non-complicated manner.

First of all, RGB blades don't actually have any LED lights inside them, they get their light from the LED component that is installed into the lightsaber itself. This is great but doesn't offer the brightness or clarity the Neopixel has.

On the other hand, Neopixel blades have hundreds of small LED lights actually inside the blade, as opposed to the RGB light source coming from an external source. This offers superior brightness that is equally balanced throughout the blade. Pair this up with a proffie soundboard, and you can also run some seriously cool lighting effects.

Still not sure? Check out the picture on the left. The 1st image is an RGB Blade and the second is the Neopixel Blade.