Right to repair

Every order that is within warranty has a right to pair.

Please note, that when accepting a repair, you are accepting the following terms.


1. We have 30 days from the day the lightsaber has been returned to fully repair and return the lightsaber back to the customer.
This allows time for any vital electronics we may need to source


2. The lightsaber will be returned back to the customer in the same state it was sent back to us. I.e. if there are scratch marks, dents, cracks or any other damaged that was

made during the customers possesstion, it will be returned in the same condition. This doesn't apply if the lightsaber arrived in this way and we are made aware of this within 48 hours of delivery.

3. Chargebacks or any others forms of action taken during the repair process will be handled by our legal team and any item will not be returned.