Darth Vader Real Lightsaber Replica | RBG or NEOPIXEL Blade

Darth Vader Real Lightsaber Replica | RBG or NEOPIXEL Blade


Well. We really do have a one of a kind lightsaber here.


We are proud to show off our latest creation. The "Darth Vader" Lightsaber replica.


As you can see, each and every detail has been captured in this stunning replica.
You even have 6 sound-fonts pre-programmed into the light saber. You can choose to have your lightsaber sound exactly like darth vadars, or choose to have it sound like Luke Skywalker etc....


The standard blade comes with 12 colours pre-programmed into the sabers, so you have the freedom to change the colour of the blade when you wish.

We also offer a truly superior blade called "Neopixel". This offers the most authentic lightsaber experience. You can view a video on these two blades on the "Neopixel vs RGB blade" Link on the top bar.


Hilt material - Metal

Blade length - 92cm

Extra - USB charger, instructions etc...

Type of Blade

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