Obi-wan kenobi ForceFx Lightsaber | RBG or Neopixle blade.

Obi-wan kenobi ForceFx Lightsaber | RBG or Neopixle blade.


A truly stunning lightsaber replica of the legendary Obi wan Kenobi. The design really lends itself to the iconic character. Every minute detail has gone into creating the perfect replica, and as you can see, the final product is truly stunning.


You have the ability to change the colour of the blade to 12 different colours, and when you like that particular colour, you just select it and the lightsaber will remember that colour every time you turn the saber on ( or until you decide to change the colour again. Along with the RGB blade, you also have the ability to choose cycle through 6 pre-programmed characters sound fonts. This allows your lightsaber to sound exactly like the character's saber in the films!!!


We also offer a truly superior blade called "Neopixel". This offers the most authentic lightsaber experience. You can view a video on these two blades on the "Neopixel vs RGB blade" Link on the top bar.


You can also choose to have the extra add on for our neopixel variants. Why not add our Proffie V2 Soundboard to your saber. It comes pre-installed with 6-9 soundfonts and effects. You even have the ability to add your own soundfonts with the included SD card and slot!


Comes with the following:

1 x 92cm Blade

1 x obi wan Kenobi Hilt

1 x Manual

1 x USB Charger
1 x Allan-Key and 4 x grub screws to secure the blade

Type of Blade

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