Rey's Graflex Force FX lightsaber | RBG orNeopixle Blade

Rey's Graflex Force FX lightsaber | RBG orNeopixle Blade

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We are beyond excited to bring you Rey's Graflex lightsaber!!

This has to be our best lightsaber yet, and one that we are most proud of. We have strived to make this a perfect replica to the real Graflex lightsaber
and we are certainly happy with the final product!

These are hand made and take up to 3 weeks to ship, but they are certainly worth it!
they are also produced in small batches and we may not produce any more for up to 8 weeks when sold out so please bear that in mind!

You have a choice of either an RGB blade or for that extra premium look, a Neopixel blade that offers supreme brightness compared to the standard RGB.
The Neopixel blade really does look like the real thing with equal brightness throughout the blade!!

The handle of the hilt is made from metal, so it certainly feels the part!

The lightsaber is pre-programmed with 6 sound fonts, each one changes the lightsaber humming noise to the character you chose. For instance, you can choose Darth Vadar's sound font or luke skywalker. You can access all of these through the lightsaber itself!!!


We also offer a truly superior blade called "Neopixel". This offers the most authentic lightsaber experience. You can view a video on these two blades on the "Neopixel vs RGB blade" Link on the top bar.


You can also choose to have the extra add on for our neopixel variants. Why not add our Proffie V2 Soundboard to your saber. It comes pre-installed with 6-9 soundfonts and effects. You even have the ability to add your own soundfonts with the included SD card and slot!

You also receive the following

1x Graflex Hilt
1x Blade: 92cm RGB or Neopixel
1x Charger
1x manual

Type of Blade

Sale ends on the 31st of January

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