Anakin Lightsaber - Smooth Swing

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Due to the popularity of this lightsaber There is a 1-2 week dispatch time in place.

After many requests, we are excited to bring you our latest lightsaber, the Anakin Lightsaber.

This is based on the lightsaber Anakin used before he turned to the dark side. We do also sell his Vader version.


You also get to choose from 12 colors that are also pre-programmed into the saber. So you change the color of the blade whenever you wish.

Not only that, you also have 6 pre-installed sound fonts ( Vadar lightsaber sound - Luke etc..) that you can cycle through.

Features of the lightsaber:
12 blade colors that can be chosen within the lightsaber itself
6 Soundfonts
92cm Blade
Change brightness
12w LED
Flash on Clash
Metal Handle
and more.


Why not add a neopixel blade and proffie soundboard for the ultimate experience.