Fallen Lightsaber - Smooth Swing

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Welcome to our newest saber- The Fallen lightsaber. Limited edition with only 2 available!

Please note. The base of the saber is actually the design on the last image. We have only just recently changed to this as to offer a more authentic look as per the fallen order saber in the movies!

The hilt is made from metal and exquisitely crafted in perfect reflection of the lightsaber used by the fallen order.

You also have the choice of 12 colors that the lightsaber's blade can change due to its RGB function.

Another function that is built into the sabers programming is it's 6 sound font. This allows you to change the noise of the blades 'hum' to that of the chosen character.
You also have the option of a standard RGB blade or the superior Neopixel blade.


Neopixel version comes with Proffie V2 soundboard pre-installed with 6 soundfonts and effects!

The lightsaber's blade measures 92 cm.

Certainly an impressive lightsaber and far superior to any of those children plastic toys!


 Smooth Swing Included