FX V2 lightsaber - Smooth Swing

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We finally have our best seller back in stock.


An exquisitely handcrafted lightsaber that comes with a free grip!


RBG so you can change the color of the blade whenever you wish and comes with 6 sound fonts. Or Neopixle blade for that even more authentic look! Check our Neopixle vs RGB blade video

With our RGB blade, you have the freedom to change to your blade color from 12 choices! All pre-programmed into our lightsabers. How cool is that!


You also have the freedom to choose from 6 pre-programmed sound fonts. Each one replicates the sound of the lightsabers for that given character. For example. You may want to choose Darth Vadar's sound font. This would change the sound of the lightsabers to match that of Darth Vadar's saber in the films !!! You could also change the color of the blade to RED to really match up.

We also offer a truly superior blade called "pixel". This offers the most authentic lightsaber experience. You can view a video on these two blades on the "pixel vs RGB blade" Link on the top bar.


You can also choose to have the extra add on for our pixel variants. Why not add our Proffie V2 Soundboard to your saber. It comes pre-installed with 6-9 soundfonts and effects. You even have the ability to add your own soundfonts with the included SD card and slot!


Each Lightsaber comes with:
92cm Blade. RGB or Neopixle

6 Sound-fonts

Smooth Swing

Charging wire


May the force be with you!