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One of our most popular and affordable lightsabers. This really is a great saber for anyone who is looking at purchasing their first one.

We offer a truly superior blade called “Neopixel”. This offers the most authentic lightsaber experience. You can view a video on these two blades on the “Neopixel vs RGB blade” Link on the top bar.

Why not add our Proffie V2 Soundboard to your saber. It gives you the ability to download sound fonts from the internet and upload them to the board!


This Saber comes with the following

- 6 Soundfonts

- RBG Blade 12 Colours

- Flash on Clash ( When dueling and hitting other lightsabers, the blade flashes and creates a clash noise )

- Metal handle

- 92 cm Blade

- Instructions


You have 6 pre-programmed sound fonts, so you can choose what lightsaber noise you prefer.
These sound fonts replicate the individual characters’ lightsaber, or in plain English, allows you to choose the sabers ‘hum’ noise