FX V1 lightsaber - Smooth Swing

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Shipped direct from our UK workshop. 1-2 day delivery option available

One of our most popular and affordable lightsabers. This really is a great saber for anyone who is looking at purchasing their first one. Great for Cosplay, star wars parties or just to play around with whilst imagining your a Jedi!

Why not purchase 2 of these hilts and join them together as we now ship connectors with all orders of 2 or more.

Our RGB and Standard sounndboard options both come with 6 soundfonts pre-installed


Why not choose our Premium soundboard that comes with 12 different soundfonts and the ability to upload your own from the internet via the onboard SD card! You can even customize the pixel lighting!!

This Saber comes with the following

- 6 Soundfonts

- RBG Blade 12 Colours

- Flash on Clash ( When dueling and hitting other lightsabers, the blade flashes and creates a clash noise )

- Metal handle

- 92 cm Blade

- Instructions