Darth Maul Lightsaber - x2 Hilts and Blades ( pre-order now for end of September Shipping )

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Please note. We are currently sold out and only accepting pre-orders. We expect to ship around the end of September. As this product is highly popular, we recommend pre-ordering now before we are fully booked up!

Darth Maul’s distinctive double-end lightsaber has an iconic place in Star Wars history, and which fan hasn’t imagined themselves wielding this impressive red blade? Now, you can live out your fantasies and channel your inner Sith with this stunning custom made lightsaber that is a truly authentic replica of the original from the movie. Crafted by hand for ultimate authenticity and attention to detail, this spectacular saber comes with two hilts and two blades, each of which boasts a choice of 12 amazingly bright colours and six different sound fonts. Why not upgrade to the premium soundboard and Pixel blades for an even better Duel of The Fates

And yes, they come as 2 hilts ( handles ) and 2 blades!!!

Comes with Blade length 92cm


2 x handle

2 x blade

1 x USB charging line

1 x Six angle wrench in 7 font

2 x spare screwdrivers